There’s Power in Organization

Customized scheduling and timekeeping system for municipalities

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Saving time, increasing accuracy, and eliminating frustration?


That’s the real power of organization.

Right Stuff’s customized work force scheduling, timekeeping and workflow software system, Precinct Manager™, was designed specifically to handle the extraordinarily complex task of keeping law enforcement and other government agencies running smoothly while eliminating the hassle that comes with a paper-based process.










Trusted by cities, townships, and counties throughout the U.S.




Police specific features for Shift Differential, OIC, FTO, K9, Trades, Staffing Levels, Rotating Shifts. Timesheets automatically calculate shift differential based on department specific rules.



Handles complex rotating schedules allowing for Kelly days and employee-initiated trades.  Schedule employees to specific stations and apparatuses. Automatically calculate overtime based on custom FLSA periods.


Public Works

Advanced timeclocks to capture working hours, lunches, and even breaks. Track budgets and multiple rates for specific jobs or projects.



Easily handle part-time and seasonal employees with biometric, phone-based, or web-based timeclocks.  Assign multiple positions with multiple rates per employee. 

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Right Stuff Software and Precinct Manager™ are all that we thought it would be and in some cases more. Right Stuff has been great to work with and I know that the Lt. truly appreciates the close, professional working relationship that has developed. We are pleased with the product and know it will help our management and daily supervision of the Police Division for many years to come.
— Police Chief
I think Right Stuff has proven to be a positive move for us in every respect, plus it is a pleasure to do business with creative pleasant people that can comprehend your end goal and apply their programming skills to make it all happen.
— Police Lieutenant
Right Stuff’s timekeeping software has allowed us to automate our timesheet submission process and has helped us eliminate a great deal of paper shuffling. Right Stuff’s software is able to accommodate the various methods that we used to track employees’ time and incorporate that into one comprehensive program for the entire city. They are always responsive to our questions and concerns and the software support they provide is spectacular.
— Assistant Finance Director
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Do it once. Do it right. Love it forever.

The complexity of scheduling, timekeeping and subsequent payroll for law enforcement and government agencies means a customized solution is essential, but most vendors only offer one-size-fits-all options. At Right Stuff, we believe our job is not to change how your organization works, but to make it work better. So, rather than telling you how your system has to be, we tailor our electronic solutions to be just right for you, mirroring your paper-based process to ensure you can master it quickly without a huge learning curve.

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To the Nth Degree

We’re not going to lie: designing and installing a completely customized system in which we consider every scenario and your unique specifications isn’t easy, and because we believe in doing everything to the Nth degree, it isn’t fast. But once we’ve collected all your data, done a high-level analysis, met with the key decision makers, implemented your unique system, figured out time keeping to the penny, and helped you learn how to train your people your way, you’ll be off paper completely within three to four pay periods, and left with a system that’s an absolute breeze to use.


Every second counts.

When you save a little bit of time every single time you manage scheduling and payroll, it really adds up—not just to more savings and greater efficiency, but also to the peace of mind that comes with knowing your timekeeping and payroll processing is being handled quickly, easily and, even more importantly, safely and accurately.

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